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OneDraw sweeps away obstacles to getting blood drawn—like pain, discomfort, multiple visits and wait times—that until now were accepted as unavoidable. By streamlining the blood draw process for patients and healthcare providers, OneDraw makes health care more comfortable and efficient. It’s the first step toward a world in which the health information within our bodies is rapidly and easily accessible.

The OneDraw process is convenient and effortless, for the provider as well as the patient.

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OneDraw takes the fear and discomfort out of blood draws, for a better patient experience.
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Easy as 1-2-3

Process, Simplified

OneDraw is a single-use system that revolutionizes the collection, stabilization, and transport of whole blood samples.

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OneDraw attaches to the upper arm with hydrogel adhesive and vacuum. Sample is taken with the push of a button.

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Blood is stabilized within removable cartridge.

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Removable cartridge is placed in transport sleeve and mailed to lab for HbA1c testing.

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High-Quality Blood Samples, the Easy Way

No tourniquets or visible blood. No cumbersome cold chain. Just a convenient, comfortable process that delivers reliable results.

The OneDraw™ A1C Test System, which consists of the OneDraw Blood Collection Device and the OneDraw A1C Test, is intended to collect capillary blood from the upper arm of individuals 18 years of age or older onto filter (matrix) paper within the collection device by a healthcare professional. Samples are delivered to the laboratory for the quantitative measurement of HbA1c for monitoring the long-term control of blood sugar (glucose) in people with diabetes. Testing performed on samples collected with this device should not be used to diagnose or screen for diabetes. The OneDraw A1C Test System should not be used with neonates.

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OneDraw received FDA clearance for the collection of capillary blood for quantitative measurement of HbA1c on August 15, 2019.1

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High-Quality Samples

HbA1c levels in blood collected by OneDraw were comparable to those in blood collected with standard venipuncture.2

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Study participants preferred OneDraw to venipuncture and fingerstick blood collection methods for HbA1c testing.2


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