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  • – CE Marked

  • – Research Use Only in the US

  • – Dual NanoLance Technology

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  • – CE Marked

  • – Research Use Only in the US

  • – Dual NanoLance Technology

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  • – FDA 510(k) Cleared

  • – Class II Test System

  • – Dual NanoLance Technology

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In a single appointment, handle your participants needs effortlessly, comfortably, and quickly.

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Simply Better

Deliver a better participant experience. Help your participants shift from reluctant to compliant, by making blood draws no big deal.

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Out-of-Office Control

Empower study coordinators with blood anywhere, anytime, blood collection.

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Smooth Process

Simplify the collection, stabilization and transport of blood samples.

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Clinically Validated and FDA-cleared

263 participants at three clinical locations took part in a study designed to compare OneDraw with standard venipuncture and fingerstick blood collection methods for measuring HbA1c.1 The findings:

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OneDraw was strongly preferred over both venipuncture and fingerstick.

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Less Pain

Study participants reported OneDraw to be equal to or less painful than fingerstick (91%) or venipuncture (93%).

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Accurate Results

HbA1c levels in blood collected by OneDraw were comparable to those in blood collected with standard venipuncture.


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